Saturday, July 16, 2011


And all the green monsters wail
and all good things are now mine.
Dragons gone wild
Blowing fire and hot ash
destroying those too weak to stand.
Can you stand?
Or have you spread yourself upon a wasteland
which is the right thing to do?
and all the little froggies dance
all the little girls raise open hearts above their heads
do you love me when I bleed?
do you love me when I need?
So what if you did?
So what if we did?
So what if they did?
We all die in the end.
Chaos is sublime.
Anarchy is 9-5.
Truth is a rope in my hand.
A silent belly crawl through the mud.
Two lines of black across each cheek
warrior queen.
I gotta let  you go pet
because you refuse to dance
and dancing is everything.

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