Thursday, March 8, 2012


a narrow part of various devices, as a tool or bolt, connecting the end by which the object is held or moved with the end that acts upon another object.
My soul is in a wooden box
buried under the ground.
My personality is spread
on a table for rats.
There is no forward or back
only here and now.
Smiles in the jungle.
Can you feel the eagle coming for you?
Laughter from monkeys
squatting in the mud. 
What do you know of
the deep places we hide?
Africa is a wasteland of hopelessness
with God on our side.
We've plotted the course
if one falls three will stand up to take 
their place.
Get them while they're young
raise them up
the way you want them to go
and the plan will not falter.
Kill the strongest one
to make the others fall in line.
The weakest will make them strong
all about numbers.
An army without direction
will be easily lead.
Keep me occupied on your string
move me 
capture me
keep the bee queen immobile.
The nothing of nothing which is nothing.
needs to go into the jungle
but remember
it is the underlying hopelessness
which needs to be solved
not the ones who think
they have the answer
Kill one
three pop up
to take his place.  

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Somebody in Sweden loves me
with their mac computer
and their firefox
I don't know nothing
of nothign
I am nothng
Bing says I should love
five heart beats
which mean
nothing to me
But I live inside a shell
and spit dirt in the woods
when I'm hugging trees
I don't give a fuck about
just care
about today
and I'm failing
but he said if I match the frequency
of the reality
I seek
I will be free
but there is no way out
do you understand
no way out
just here
and beer
and weed
and all those things
which make life worth living


Why do I name
the poems
the same
by a garage
we all say
I understand.
Do you?
My sweet
of everything
which is me.
Everything which is sacred
we all die.
Some messier than others
but it's alright.
I don't know shit
but what you tell me
I don't know shit
but what you sell
to believe.


What is the hive mind
it is turning
you see
what I see
and feel
what I feel
Together we
shake the trees
with our frequency.
Two, ten
but one
all of us
as one
as one
if thy arm offend
cut it off
if thy mind
the weak
have no place
in the buzzing
the mass
of us.

I do

Bloody vaginas
bathed in moonlight
dance to an ethereal beat
two legs
no head
like yellow smiley faces
staring with one eye.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Goodbye trips
goodbye dubs

I guess

Imprisoned with a smile
a touch
a kiss
of their own volition
circle; entwine,
rising up with a metal smile.
Cut off my reasons to run
melting iron
meets skin
become the machine
False gods
raise their banners
stake their claim
to where the path
in defeat.
Only human all along
gotta learn to separate
the pearls
from the swine.
The diamonds
from the death.
Chains of gold
are still chains
suffocating hold
take the bit into my mouth
let the horses run
just come back to my bed
when it's time
to hide from the sun.


Saturday, February 18, 2012


The eagle has landed
nesting in the tall trees
as the power of three
stands waiting
Wolves howl
with no regard
as the blade comes down
Have to say it was blue that day
cigarette smoking
bad movies
with too much feeling
is a blonde-eyed boy
with much too much
I told you so.
What if they realize?
What if they know?
Who's the hand to the plow
where with what will we sow?
I don't know.
Playground of the gods
feet firmly planted
gets too many mbps
to black attitudes
in dusty places.
My throat is dry
my heart is hard
I will take yours
and make it mine.
is a spot of black
in between
a mosque of redemption
for some suspected crime
never committed.
All four points made
a treasure to be laid.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Back to me

Funny how quickly the tide
turned back to the sea
How quickly
I came back to me.
Having a heart of stone
Fitting into your groove
going round and round
getting nowhere.
The chains
fall into a circle
at my feet
hands to the sky
I am beautiful
my hair is soft
my lips are wet
far too wonderful
for your candyass get.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Bells to wake the dead
or the merely sleeping
Walk the gravel road
boots are chafing
Under a purple sky
blue undertones
gray clouds all around
wind softly blowing
a warm breeze from the sea
smelling of fish and rotting  wood.
Time is short.
Even when it seems so long.
So long.
fields so green
Wildflowers cast a shadow
of yellow, black, and orange
paint these things for me
Hermit in a wooden box
hunting spiritually
for all the things unseen
is all he knows how to be.

I would

I would walk on my knees
on broken glass
dangle from a noose
on my toes
be tied to a tree
beaten till I bleed
if you'd just come back  to me.
Put me in a cage with a wounded tiger
let him maul me
take your knife
strip my flesh
my skull smiling
If you'd come back to me.
My soul is crying
my heart is breaking
I sacrificed our love
at the altar of my words
just to make them flow
but I could be that girl
not a poet
but the sleeping, smiling, satisfied girl
who you love
your sweetheart you said
lonely now in a king sized bed
the queen of nothing.
Put your brand
in a white hot  fire
sizzle me
drizzle me
with your cum.
I know your penis misses me.
Ask him, he'll tell you as much
misses my touch
my lips.
my kiss.
I'm dying here.
Draw and quarter me
chain me up
tie my useless limbs
to four horses
rip me
would that be enough?
To make you come back to me?
I just miss,
love you so much.


Wounded but not beaten
licking my blood
in a corner alone
Approach at your own risk
Won't hesitate
to rip you to shreds.
Feet firmly planted
grows wild flowers at noon
to watch their demise
when the sun ceases to shine.
Transitory it is
and will always be
Always wanted to stop time
and that we did
in our island
together; alone
we took everything
love had to give
and swallowed it whole.
No regrets.
I don't know how to be happy
what it means to be loved
the building we tried to build
to bits
by my own hand
for no reason.
Just because.
People pray for deliverance
a moment in time
for a taste of the wine
we drank so freely
with smiles and laughs
one soft kiss
the words:
"everything's alright"
I gathered it all in my arms
took it between my out stretched hands
and choked the life out of it
just to watch it bleed.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Maybe just lies
gone globalized
getting high
chronic conditions
in the house.
Step up to the plate
the swinger has a bat
but tired of all that.
Gonna play some other sport.
Dreams while quietly sleeping
has taken the wallpaper
to cover the closet.
Water, smoke, and fire
a cloud appears
snorlax I choose you.
Metaphysical delights
tramped into the dirt
the dust
the loss
is lodged in my belly
taking it to the grave.
Be assured truth is not always true
lies either
just step back
It's amazing how
pain makes the colors more vivid
how agony
seems to make life more real
only pain and sex
from beginning to end.
Soul sucker
I can breathe again
all the false gods
are stripped of their raiment
my soul runs clean
A thousand options
a hundred places to be.
Someone to stand
under a tree
in a stream
and fuck the shit out of me....

Friday, February 10, 2012

The way

Cold and dead inside,
suits me just fine.
Take my crazy out for a ride,
with wounded pride,
just to be amused.
There's a carnival of madness
wanna take a ride?
Ferris wheel with no bars
freak show center stage
An animal
in a cage
set free
motherfucking rage.
Desire just to watch
the motherfucker burn
desire to watch the world burn.
desire to kill them all.
Just because I desire to
Storm the beach
in a black scuba suit
blonde hair streaming
like a Nordic God rising from the apocalypse.
Making a statement with blood and pain
free falling into hell
red eyed demons
teeth sharp gnashing
making spirits rise.
One child at a time.
"Where's your Moses now"?
We've bought the golden calf
with the turning of the souls
and it gleams in the sun
We all can't get what we want
So we'll just get some
take some, leave some
and bury the dead with the tears
of a mother, father
justice for all.
And what'd you say Billy?
"There's no good nor bad
but only thinking makes it so."

Thursday, January 26, 2012

No way out

once you're in you're in for good
till the end
songs playing in my mind
she's being a bitch again
cuts me off
lets everyone else in.
Begin again.
Wheels turning
In the gray marble
dark purple skies
hunter green leaves
red sun
white maggots
as big as houses
black beady eyes
snot yellow streams
left to cover sandy ground

Friday, January 20, 2012

and then....

Green monster of moss
laying flat
if they think you're dead
they won't waste their bullets
trying real hard not to breath
not make one move
boots crunch tree limbs
all around
as I lay silent coward
pissing myself and praying to God.
I never wanted to be here
not anyone of us did
but here we were
trying to survive
without rules
kill or be killed
we'll take you home in a bag
if there's enough of you left to carry
tag an arm
tag a leg
enough for the ones at home
to bury a hero.
Keeps me recumbent
hoping for the most
quiet now
danger passed
I rise
feeling like a loser inside
How can I ever smile/cry again?
how can I hold my head up when all is lost?
Is it better to be
alive or dead?
What defines me?
Coward in the green
or a guy just trying to get by?
Rejoin the brothers of the unit
that made it
relief and smiles
pats on the back
but you know
just how low
your fear made you
survival of the fittest?
Or a black mark of treason?
Only God can judge.

4 walls

4 walls coffin
living dead man
deceased breathing in dust
wishing for the sun
never comes
trees sleeping
bowing corpses
canopy of ice
sleet drums a beat
can't dance
when life's slipping away
the slope too high
no reason to be anyway.
Ice sprites
midnight nights
translucent wings
call up the spirit of the north
to blow away
wreckage left
by the stone gargoyles
their silent
of no reply.
From another world entombed
ever watching from my room
as yet to see them fly
anywhere but in my mind.
It's all got too serious
just nowhere to run
no more purple skies
no way out
from the day to day
warmth on my skin
submerged in a lake of fire
doing the back stroke
right into hell.

It was a Southern Man

Times were bad
it was a different time
one way to get ur bread
was to stand in line
holes in both my shoes
sweet song
the blues all night long.
God how my heart could sing
Something strange
words through the walls
and the talk down the street
something going down
everybody gotta come and see
In the middle of a train yard
next to a broken down burnt tree
Doors open headlights shining
like eyes in the dark
Grab the bat grab my hat
(aint goin nowhere without that)

walk with care
no tellin what we gonna find
crowd out there
standin around
Alpha lead
point the way
first to tell
make decisions
everything gonna be okay
Van wide open
look inside
potato bags
cut em open
plastic bags inside
Look around
this gift we found
for us
not the government
Talk among decide
lets get this shit out of the cold
back inside
By the fire
a little coal
burning black
a little kerosene
Heavy bags
25 in all
stacked em way up high
Dole em out later
opened the first bag
mixed 2 cups with some flour
cast iron
Snuck just a bite
Motherfucker take flight
dancing free
outside turning in so much win
back to myself
gotta do it again.
No way to keep it at bay
lining up 10 a day
for a moment
gray was yellow
black was white
24 down one left
knock knock knock knock
death is at the door
how will you send them?
when the powder's all gone?
Spider web
tentacles of doom
I will send them four by four
Brother in the street
sister in the alleyway
blow jobs for crack
ass fucks'll get you a cap
lying down in shit
piss in the corner
you're alive.
lay down with the dogs
root with the pigs
nobody gives a fuck anymore.
Smack each other on the back
spit some chew
drink some whiskey
"we got em good"
down in the hood
Niggahs be fucking crazy
roody poos
bad as Jews


All the strings which entangle
all the debris
we try to swim by
left from other crashes
mad dashes
in and outside our lives.
Craters of love
valleys left behind
rivers never forged
we've lived on
when a dove brought the olive branch
head in my hands
Never enough
Waiting for the hammer to fall,
The gods to turn the wheel,
transient all
leaves slowly
caressing streams
jostled by a fallen branch
laid to rest on a muddy pyre
the sounds of zen
trickling in my ears
but I'm deafened by my
desire to consume
desire to control
desire to lay claim
bring the dogs of hell
red flashes
writhing and gnashing of teeth.
want nothing;
always satisfied;
expect nothing;
never surprised.
Now residing with all this you
no idea what to do
you battered down the door
but I still hide
behind voices
side step degrees
and soul
yet not me.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Might as well accept
what I am
screaming banshee in the night
mug shot
deserving of fate
to fuck me in the ass
and run
motherfucking run.
Thinking of my love
so sweet and welcoming
two fisted-fuck
bye bye brain.
Stood by me through all the bullshit
no drama
I'm outside looking in always
reporting what I see
"Captain the ship is run aground
deployment at an all time high"
Shits gonna hit the fan
in a quiet way
in a stealth way
We saw it coming
at a loss to help
news at 11.
Smile and buy
baby it's all right.
We fucked like animals
happy in our slime
saw you come undone
pus and blood
breaking apart
oozing from your face
replaced by a smiling swine
ninety nine
mother fucking balloons.
The wheat waves under a bright sun
gleaming yellow browns
the smell of straw dogs
brings the hammer
the scycle
muddy boots
lost coats
Safe public owned companies
put the needle in your arm
one stop brain support
builds their toilets of gold
the water the safest place to be.
Move the ships in
coordinate Sparta
no way out.
When there's no way in.
The channel is narrow
the mountain is high.
Ground work is set
so soon
Brother can you spare a quarter?
Do you think the lion sleeps?
Waiting to pounce
complete and utter change.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Water falls in the basement
flowing like the piss of a whore
babylon is calling
in the dark for three hours
my demon came
showing me the way
the will
Eye will.
chess match in heaven
Thumblina mockery
Yoga and sex
can't relate when
red doors turn black
and the wolf
breathes down my neck
watching my every move.
Let me carry you on
my back
across the stream
when you decide
to be
what you are
I won't fault you
when you bite.
The offering you bring
only eases
your suffering
when it's gone
the sun still shines
that light

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Keep it in reserve
the little places i hide
where everything's right
and there's no
reason to be

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'll be there in 30 minutes

Others like me
walking down a city street
pick them out
watching the card stand
faggots never make it
it's just a legend.
Angels, aliens,
gods, and trolls
the big eye sees them all
men in masks
Che was right?
Up for debate.
Hey! There's the messiah
come back to raise the dead
heralded by the three
the devil
and me.
Black angel.
A single key
to a mathematical equation
explaining everything
11 dimensions of doom
Behind the black door
embellished with the ones who came before
cut through with swords and spikes
yawning their dead eyes
opening the bowls of their skulls
to let the crows drink
under a vermillion sky.
Open the gates of hell
while the buddha close their eyes
whatever is
just is
we quietly observe
without judgement
touch the celestine
and radiate light.
The pope is a puppet of the illuminati
what secrets does the Vatican keep
which would make us all better people?
Know what to leave in
know what to leave out
everyone hung out to dry
and turning the money machine.

In the air

You really want to hear?
what's in the air?
Men around tables
deciding the fate
amass the masses
can't let it happen.
Gotta segregate.
Coming together comparing notes
Spain, Russia, the Netherlands
Sweden the Croats
Need to meditate
The snake wraps around the di
cutting off the power of the mob
the mob screams in zero's in ones
must sew the bag shut
drop the kittens in the creek
must not be
mountain tops
the gray man,
the Englishman,
knocks at the red door
the universe lies beyond
the fog runs quickly
out and beyond
We have, we are, we want
"It's the stars we're after."
Calculating the way
We have we are we want.
Funny money isn't as important
as information.
I know I'm bound in
this bubble
a cardboard box
just walls
like any other wall
meant to climb over.
The means
the frequency
in every home
Betty Mother fucking crocker.
There's laughter in the sand
you rage you lose
I fuckin rage
Mabel when you get your cable
make sure you wear your tin hat
schizophrenic rantings
of a powerless


I can't believe
just to relieve
Would put myself through this
for elation
which comes
changing colors just to suit
everyone but myself.
When will I learn?
What does it mean?
You were drunk, I was drunk
we all started talking about love and junk
and how it all came to be
me loving you, you loving me.
Don't even know what love means
See it in my mind
Slyvia in Spain
together writing living
ended all the same
nothing but pain.
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
slowly steadily
eases into familiarity
as it goes down
no common ground
to keep us together.
why even start
embrace the spark?
There's nothing in the end
a roommate, a friend.
Just to relieve a little pressure.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

White cotton panties

So white and fresh
the crow with red eyes
flies through my mind
says, "kill them all"
I have come to be
in the conjunction of three
where all points meet
and "I stand before you now
in your hour of need."
Suits with pens
suits with papers
suits with nothing to be
but money trees
and a struggle to be
no matter what the cost.
Want the change
the order
first breath to the last
was there something you forgot?
to remember?
Me too
but slowly I remember
the sword falls
the whispers of smiley faces
in a prison of more
than conformity
wipe away their faces
replace them with your face
just because you're in charge.
7 million
magic number
in a sea of yellow
storms one purple man
I hear you wanna go
get on the train
one by one
to the promised land.