Saturday, July 16, 2011


Walking universes
when your needs are met
little third world country
where will your universe lie?
America loves you.
What do you have?
The United States of America.
Would you like to join us?
Our winterbirds can take a plane
by your sea shore
where the trees hide,
behind beautiful waving fronds,
your poverty.

"Aren't the locals so quaint?"

"Mildred just don't touch anything
and for God's sake don't drink the water."

Your chickens hang; blood drain
What brought God to your side of town?
Our wide open arms
enclose you
oh don't mind
the stench of disease
clouding your mind.
It's just conformity.
But we love you.

Walk the plank
with your simian ways
your childhood in the dust
who you can trust
the seed
buried in your hot sands.
The blood of your forefathers
flows from your hands.

Daddy's got something for you.
Gonna make it all alright
just forget
who you are where you came from.

We'll lull you to sleep
with a beauteous serenade
promising blond hair
bring our satellites
we'll show you how the aliens live.

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