Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shut up!

Nothing in my peripheral
nothing ahead
I'm lovin my man
he's lovin his girl
cuz he thinks he should!
truly we are
lab rats
in an experiment gone awry
zap me I'll run
appease me I'll stay
somewhere there's a guru
at the top of the mountain
in touch with what's true
it's your world, live, touch, create
can I get a hallelujah from the saved?
it's all right to get a blow job from a school girl
be washed in the blood of the lamb
makes it all okay
can I get an amen?

I'm drowning again
one hand up
there's no one to save me
control my health care
control me
don't worry the government will save me
they know what's best
as long as I run their treadmill
and forget my gauntlet
the ants are building mansions
where the grasshoppers feast
they won't miss me when I'm gone
there are millions to take my place,
a cog
a hog
running the clockwork complete.

Do I get a government backed lobotomy?
Or do I stand and fight?

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