Thursday, September 29, 2011


Must find the spot the point
progress or destruction
they won't listen
they think everything that is
but it is not
the floods coming
creepy crawly creatures of the night
i call to them
go to higher ground
you see it there beyond the trees?
where the sunlight gleams on an open field
too dangerous
no too dangerous to stay.
I am with you moments
monkeys first
always first to sound the alarm
if you move they will move.
Your enemies are not their enemies
There is honey in the hives
sweet things glorious
follow the monkeys.
then the snakes will follow you.
The three
always back to the fucking three.
It's a very large thing to think
Mirrors and fantasies
I hear laughter in the trees
as they stare with their stony eyes
by their gotta do.
I have nothing but if it's what you say about the quibits
is true it's doable
problem with housing them though
some kind of liquid maybe
paper thin streams
between the "yes" and "no"
stability is a factor.
Wanting to turn around and go out the window
fly into space
where it recedes into nothing which is everything.
crossing into what you cannot see
so you believe it is not there
maybe the universe is a big box
we are it's sides
and that's just the top
the blackness in which it recedes.
I hear the rabble of the crowd
there's cleanliness hopes and dreams
none of that for me.
I'm in a coma
lying in a bed thinking
brain's working
"I think therefore I am"
look at those waves yet empty
no signs of life
but breath and brain.
Nurses pass by daily
to administer their fluids
nope I can squash that fantasy.
writing, riding, high
and none of this shit
makes sense.