Saturday, July 16, 2011

All ur base are us

English speak
through cultures
given in one time and place
we are all dying
agendas reaching
we love what we love
take what we take
control the object of desire.

you give me a reason to live
shriveled agony let me go
your love is a selfish love
not meant for me
but entirely for you
look at me close
head to toe
look at me suffer
let me go.'
you dont need me to validate
you belong here
you're important
without my waning breath
you'll be ok alone.
Make me a monarch
take away this flesh and bone
butterfly my existance
beautify and glow
spirit ascending to heaven
let me go.

The jacks are jacking
undercurrents of lack
vacuuming up any sense of propriety
can i play life this
do I need your approval?
conduct this orchestration
can i please?
Break your concentration
no one's listening.

God if you're with me
Needing you now
guardian queen of angel's dreams
speak thru my mouth
I learned to die when I was five
staring straight into the sun
demanding to be alive.

I'm a consecrated lying chameleon
heartless demon
plays unfold
you must invite me in
to make me part
and you have

Lightning brings touch enclose
rays kaleidescope
powers of the sun
touching us all
touching no one
fast flow
to the quiet pool below
one lone
floats lazily on
singing the words
to a song
no one knows.

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