Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cartoonish Points of Explosion

Now i have a complex about comic sans
all because
not seriously taken
by the bugs bunny
lsd eating rabbit
who is late
for an important date.

Bunnies used for everything
cross that fence march hair
watership down
time for bunnies
to go below the sea
below the sea
aint it funny what trillions buy?

Build a fucking
ocean in the middle of the desert
what else?
what else?
What else does money buy?


undetectable below water submarines
if you can call them that
no radar picks up the metal
certain sound frequencies pick up the resonation
of known metals and alloys
but what if....
all of the sounds and resonations were defined
and a conclusion came to the
out of range resonance a certain material would make?

Where's waldo?

What does money buy?
Understanding brains.

Alexander is in Dubai and closing in.
Alexander is in Abu Dhabi.

The family is in the money
the money is in the family
southerners protect their own
what about


Free form only
free form only

(reference my man T.S. Eliot more than once)

In the twilight hour
in the violet hour
where man in his self
home one same as brought up to be
son, father, husband
feed the beast
wife's fat ass in sweats
two basketballs
trapped inside the word pink
stretching further (unfuckable)
than victoria's secret ever did (all trademarks glorious brands)

Still that violet hour
sweet kiss of god's favorite crayon
purple grape
orange and red
i am the sun going down
and my beauty
gives one last fuck you to
your miserable lives.

And then the darkness comes....

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