Saturday, July 16, 2011

Requiem for a Ghost

I'll never be free of you
smoke tendrils
flows out of your mouth
up your nose
smile lightens your face
eyes crinkle
just the way
they do
when you're in me.

Sharing shining eyes
we beat lust into submission
that slobbering drooling beast
who awakens me nightly
to feed on myself
till I'm cleansed.

But now you're here.

Sweet delicate fingers
play piano,
me as wedding crasher.
sips a sangria
watching love dance together
holding each other softly
the music,
your music,
bold and loving
caresses the ears of all
but you only have eyes for me
when you smile
my heart in my stomach
how did I ever become so blessed?

As night loses its blueness
the bright summer sun
finds me tracing
your hard nipple
with my tongue
your musk translucent
sweaty skin
your beautiful eyes close
arching your back
my love sprays diamonds
till I swallow every drop.

Laying on your stomach
now sweet in sleep
looking at you breaks my heart
why I begin to cry
I don't know.
I've never seen anyone so beautiful.
I brush your hair out of your face
you open your eyes and smile
like I am a gift
to you
a rare wonderful thing just discovered.
I kiss your neck  your face
you pull me closer
breathing me in.
If I could die right now
then let this be my end.

But it wasn't me it was you.
who turned around
walked away
told me to close the door
was it a salute
you gave me
when you walked into the gray?

Kneeling now beside your grave
smoke runs from my mouth
to my nose
my eyes crinkle
as I remember and smile
sweet music bold
plays on the wind.
delicate fingers
so long and thin
in dreams now only
play again.

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