Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jez Fez

Might as well let it down
no one come around anymore
to gawk
to hawk
fly over the rainbow she sang
before she was pushed face down
in the snow.

So it drank till she stank
walkin cripple proud
puffin loud
let u down
let u down
let u down.

I gotta snake
I gotta long snake
twisting around my neck
making mirages
magician you are
and I believe
something behind.

Wish I never met you
never darkened my sun
with your rum
and your lies
let you inside the foyer
but never my mind
all smoke
on my side.

I know how to play
I know them well
since fourth grade
chess man
your move
pawn to queen
sitting hidden in the trees

what did you hope to find?

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