Saturday, July 16, 2011


And... when you died.. a bolt of lightening that shoots through the sky
became a lord who frowns well.
I guess you took the good times w/ the bad.
white sheets of snow rowing in boats
pristine beaches; heads would roll

Women wailing in the hills comets falling from the sky
two headed people kept in zoos
disappearing into the night.

Sacrifice those blue men.
Throw their heads down
rip out their hearts as offering
but you're still going to die.

On a side note...
Why do you think you have to prove to me you're complete?
Like Illhoicamina I renamed your shadow since  you've gone.

I always liked your broken peices
and all the things that never fit.

The way you think your mask holds up
as you roll up your self into a safe coccoon.

I don't want the star that shines
it's the earth I'm looking for
all those rotten places
you don't visit anymore.

It was always change and something different
which made the great ones fall
like coming out of the cave
and blinded by it all.

As much as we want to pretend
we weren't awakened by the sun
the shadows hold no gold for us
knowledge can't be undone.

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