Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jolly Old Soul

Jolly old soul
smile. nod.
"I'm perfectly happy he's gone all day,
this is what I wanted someone I love set out to play
who would want his beautiful face hanging around all day?"

But Isis I know better, I know you well
you are convoluting in your own private hell.
Israelie user, abuser, with your life on a string
what  you want he aint got
but you're stuck anyway.

Lets walk the silent stream
you and me
bubbling brook
malachite trail
moss overridden
the holy grail.
Lets pull back the curtain
and go inside
the deepest reaches
of your mind.

Soothing hand smooths
the hair from your eyes
liquid deep
stare up in surprise.
Desire to mold your lips
and chin
chisel your cheeks
into marble refined
capture your mummery
til the package is mine.

Jolly old soul it's a picture
you've painted so beautifully
he doesn't exist
a caricature
you've made
so even though you're linked
you can still get away.

I have a hammer
an ice pick too
I'm here for awhile
here to rescue you

Lets cut away his righteous skin
chisel him down
see where he's been.

Once the clay is broken
the canvas slashed
he stands before us
completely bare assed.

How many dwarves can you fit
in someone who's 6 ft 2 ?
they're running now
and it's quite a few.

And they're all deformed
as a Spartan snitch
growling,spitting--throwing fits.
There are snakes, bugs, puppy dog tails
blood and juice, slimy entrails.

Is this who you've built your world upon?
is this the tears in the night
wailing siren song?
Dear Isis, my dear
my jolly old soul
I would trade six of him
for a worm in a hole.

So come sit beside me
I'll make you complete
will dine on cucumbers sandwiches
sweet wine at our feet
I'll spin tails of what love is
we'll pick our teeth with his bones
realize we are what we need
together alone.

Deformed dwarves can scurry
wonder what went wrong
when he played it all so beautifully
he was just singing the wrong song.

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