Saturday, July 16, 2011

On Death and Dying

Hello out there. Highey de highey de ho.  Michael, Matthew, Andy... Take this as an official message from me. Being of sound mind and body and all that crap... Which.. who actually is? lol Of sound mind. What does that mean anyway? Anyway.. I'm getting off subject.. the other day I thought of something really hilarious...I was running through the forest.. with a good friend and we started talking about what we wanted on our tombstones.. you know.. beloved mother, daughter, wife husband..etc..and I came up with the greatest thing and I want you to do it for me.. if you don't I'll haunt your asses. 
  Ok. I want a rectangular tombstone rather large.. and completely blank except for the letters "F. U. "     LMAO.  Who could ever possibly go to that grave and be sad?  You'd have to think of me and laugh.  
   Make the letters kind of fancy but not too foo foo... nothing feminine or male.. make the letters genderless; not flowing script or blocked letters but something inbetween.
   My friend said people would probably come just to piss on the F. U. grave. "F U? Well, FU too."   Hmm... I wonder if anyone has thought of this yet? If so let me know because I want to be original.
   Print this out and keep it with your important papers because I plan on being around for the next 40 or 50 years and doubt I'll keep this Myspace that long. Ha ha... I'll be 89 and you'll have to feed me fucking oatmeal... lol
    Well, I've been up for over 24 hours and going going going... I bet my poinsetta's in farmville are fucking dead. Shit.  I forgot Mondays are long days.
    Merry Christmas!!! At work I have to say happy holidays but here Merry Fucking Christmas to you!!!!
    F. U.  just tell the undertaker my name was Felicia Unger. Even better Felicia Unger Caroline Katy Yosenia  Olivia  Underwood. Also, that you  just want to use my initials since I have such a loooong name.
   I know if I saw a grave that just said F. U., I would want to make that bitch a landmark.

Yo Mama

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