Saturday, July 16, 2011

Drinking the Purple Stuff

Twenty three walls front and back
   a quarter mile of carpet
   hand me down furniture
   still smelling like cigarettes and beer.
   The oven doesn't work, the burners
    turned on and off with pliers
    pilot light goes out
    the ceiling fan is hanging low
    doesn't work anymore.
     A front door which won't close
     Eleven windows, two sans screens,
     one screen repaired with duct tape.

     Picture windows, front and back, look
     out on the neighbors houses
     the yard is crab grass bare in places.
     The trees are overgrown.

      This is my home.
       This is MY castle.

       Yes, I am queen.
       and yes I get pissed.

        When you sit on my throne, "Get OUT OF MY CHAIR"
        Or attempt to take my staff " Fuck where's the remote"
        Block the carriage house     "Don't park in my driveway"
        Or dare to defy my ordinances.
        By the blood of my hands
        by the flat of my ass   (i work sitting all day)
        this is my castle
        brick, drywall, and glass.


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