Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sorry I left

But you're air being too serious
you are a signal
satellite beamed you to me
then you knew me
entertainment nothing more.

I have nowhere to hide.

So I'm back
read your texts again
sketching warlord angels on my wall
and ghosts
of dead women
floating in a lake
cement shoes.
How the bodies sway on chains
how long can one hold their breath?
and where does the afterlife find you
when the last thing you've seen
is dead bodies swing
with the tide the breeze
but I forget myself...

The cursor blinks . . . .

I guess I could conjure you on cam
lay out your hands
the wooden way
you obey
rubbing your fingers across your lips
no one finger...
yea like that
but there's no passion,
but yeah you got a nice chest.

Boys boys boys
I need my melee mongrels
howl for me
be a beast
fear in the eye of the hobbit
Pandora and Medusa
Catherine the Great Czar.
Blond stars
but I can't do a thing with it.

Exquisite perfection no one can match you
a diamond
in a room of pearls.
Never seen such a shine.
such a shine.

I'm going now
passing through the hall to the closet
which opens into a secret passage
way down the stairs
in the candlelight
moving underground Venice
No mask my ugliness laid bare
to the sun, the night, the light
I fear

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