Saturday, July 16, 2011

What the Blue man said

Ta ahy la tagata
remembered name
if you do
if you are a woman
I will make you a man.

Shokrun tagata
I am now
a dickless man.

I guess even ancestors
have senses of humor
but whatever happened to if you are poor
I will make you rich?

if you do
again I'll remember your name
when dance trance takes
me away
into the orange fire
into the light
into the time suspended stream
there is only now
everything else is arbitrary
in neither before or after
past or future
can you stand
only now.

Turn again burst from a single dot
before it was drawn
after it was smeared
shattered space
It stands in the past
and in the future
in the eleventh universe
of possibilities.

An infinite amount of choices
eternity of shattered spaces
where the dot
stands all at once.

Your heart calls
making me forget
where I've never been.
But it calls me none the less
to yearn
to want to

I've never been in your movie
though I've always been part of the script
my part keeps getting cut
and I don't really give a shit.

But I feel your heart anyway
when you think of me
as a saving grace
I can never be.

For the want of wings
and something beautiful
something amazing
to hold me
when I need it the most
when I'm cold and gone
and I rise again
let warm arms hold
me of the sacred kind
The holy kind
the perfection.

Nothing more
than the earth's embrace
will free my heart.

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