Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's all Satin and Lace

Till someone draws blood
I hate you now
im filled with it
it boils over
the light
gateway of right
and hate grows stronger
with each word
every link self created
every lock i myself have locked
I fell in love with a sewer rat
I picked the dead thing up by its tail
dangling muck and stink
eyes black
and dead
dripping soot
to the sidewalk below
i held him in my arms
portraying light i never felt
brought back from the dead
to struggle and fight
the very thing which brought him life.
I twist his neck
to flop helplessly

I don't want you in my garden
where nothing ever grows
spring pansies and creeping phlox
lie grounded to weeds.

There is only light
and dark
and waiting
leafless trees
and stinging bees.

you looked like shit the last time I saw you
but it wasn't enough
to crumble this scheme
Imogen is sure
so sure
but it was only
a dream.

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