Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Island

Was his favorite
and I shall be like Marlon Brando
inside myself and satisfied
the love of a tribe
the many
no longer needing release
just the easy going
of human against human
voices, words, no agenda,
no longing
yearning over for years
yet the mind remembered
but the hand never touched.

Smiling at the peace within me
ocean waves
crashing against the shore
centered in the now
nothing behind
or forward
just the sweet sounds
of spray against sand
call of the gull
not a hint of white
in the sky.

For a second I crossed your mind
and looked out with your eyes
felt with your heart
for a minute then gone.

I can walk with you awhile
leather against sand
calves aching
from age
I find your body is like mine
dislikes the intrusion.
As each must stand alone
yet share so much in common
flesh and bone
heart and mind.
The silent stream
finds you with me now
in the past

Vivaldi cries tears of strings
there's comfort in the cold
A wish to fade
to sleep
to lie under a trillion stars
on a soft bed of snow
and into that deep sleep
into the black.

The earth calls me
and I hasten my pace
you don't need me here
you found your way back from hell
all on your own.

But I'm tried of walking
into dead ends
false starts
stalled beginnings
strange things under the sea
no one could ever walk upon.
The mad man
the crazed
the normal.
I just want to run.

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