Saturday, July 16, 2011

That wasn't Dark that was just funny

OKay.. so where was I?

Ah... I got it....

You. Originality of thinking


Trust those feelings you felt in your heart
you take radio, tv, media, friends
yes you've hashed it over quite a bit
what do you think?
what do you think?
What if?
What if?
Why, yes, you're right!


(I think has a message to send ha ha keeps repeating pejorative,obelisk,etymology and feminism I can I almost hear the of these things is not like the other one of these things just doesn't of these things is not like the other...)

I can fill your heart, I can make you care, I can fall for your lies
when they're not even there.
I am a mirrored window without any glass
you are a chamelion changeling without any class.

Just once.
Not even?
I see your stares when you pass my house
I feel your greed
I feel your need
frontal lobe douse.

I felt the strings you pulled
do you see  now
no way out
like the root
I found so smooth
stream running hard
but not hard enough to fray
but to mold
geometric centric
a place for fairies to play.

and wish the cold would go away,.

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