Saturday, July 16, 2011

I think I'm just Spewing Now

It now begins
though I told her
it was time
it still comes late
Way to get energy out
but I need it in.

There was a road I started to take
there were green leaves and trees
fallen trees became my steps
from one to the next
feeling the dead wood
beneath my feet
kinda like talking to you.
dead wood.
feathers and open legs
4 woman to every man.
The old west.

Then the green mud became soft
between leather and ground
conduction great
energy flowed
there is  no separation
between us and them
that and those
this and this.

There are banshees and vultures
in the trees
the succubus waits
wings enclosed
once again when your egos gone
you lay naked in spirit like a child
your darkest fears take hold
into the blue I come.
Smiles and warmth
every good feeling you've ever had

Then we come to dragons
the natural enemy of the succubus
a dragon can destroy
with the fire
of his very wanting
his consummating comsumption
take the wings
throw them in the swamp
stomp on em
a human
a human
with screams
and those god awful
gnashing of teeth
when power's stolen.

Merlin, lights,orbs,tattooos
from somewhere
you're too afraid to go
you are a chik fila sandwich
faced with the real
you would grab your couch
and your beer
and say
maybe next time....
oh god.

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