Saturday, July 16, 2011

Darkness comes and Mr. Freeze is in the House

This time I'm serious bold courier and ives
little snow towns you buy at Christmas times
oh yes it is a courier and ives
yes I understand small buildings with lights
and sometimes trains.
But the children are asleep.
We must turn out the lights.

What a lovely hummel collection
each one in their place
yes child it brings me joy
to have them all

I do see your joy grandma.
I really do.

When you hold the ceramic
boy with the sweet hat
off the the side and the smile
like he's just rode his bike
down a steep hill
and never wrecked.
Yeah. That kind of smile.

When you feel the coldest
of the plaster of paris
where is your heart?
Not in the statue.
It's somewhere you've been
the way you looked up from your bed
after a sweet love making session
with grandpa
there he was...
and how you slept with his pajamas
for years after he died
and buried your nose
in the smell
till you just couldn't smell him anymore.

But there was that boy smiling
like he just got an "a" on his report card and was running
home to tell mom just what a good boy he was.

Who knew hummel could do so much?

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