Saturday, July 16, 2011

Silence in the Running

Illusion, delusion
I'm not consumed yet.
It's all part of the dance.

I'm sorry
not very nice
to be spokes
on a chariot
tearing through you
as you attempt to pass me.

Blood and waste are real.
Everywhere but in this dream
and it is a dream.

Rotten cadaver
snow white bones
poke through
where flesh once was
Eternal gaping smile
what was so important?
It couldn't wait another day?

In my solitude
where no dreamer
is permitted to encroach
rely on
smooth skin
bodies against
left for the incubus
in pale shadows of the dawn

comes to me
clutching my hands
breathing against my neck
showering kisses and passionate embraces
every need fulfilled
shadow love in the night
sweet wings envelop me

I want to drag you from the dark
morning whispers
of violet caresses
drag you from your ethereal domain
where you perch in daylight
stone silent on rooftops
thunder behind you

because when you leave me in the sun
on my knees crying
for your demise
when the sounds of your fluttering wings
are a memory
in the cold morning hours
I am so alone.

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