Saturday, July 16, 2011


What if I refuse to subscribe
to your reality?
Cancel my subscription?
Made one of my own.

You said you just wanted one
of my mirrors
but what if I don't want to be
a reflection for you?

I no longer want to dance for you
sing for you
be for you?

Who am I then?

He stood stone still with the axe
his eyes wet
flannel shirt
blue jeans
desire to break;
to end
his illusion.

Alone on the couch
transfixed by
the hair on his face
how it used to make me feel
so safe
so warm
now matted
and unkempt.

Train of thought
marriage rice veils smiles
children pain accomplishment
boredom habit numbing sameness
every love must run its course

Who am I if I'm not with you?

I'm sorry
was all I could say.

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