Saturday, July 16, 2011

Psycho Lover

She called me up crying on the phone
he's says you put me through hell
now I'm going to jail
but when I get out I'm coming for you.

Four long years he sat and thought
four long years a long time to rot
four long years 3 hots and a cot
coming for you his only thought.

One year alone
she removed the tendrils from her mind
manipulation madness
he used to keep her blind.
Two years alone
she got her smile back
a swing in her step
a rhythm and rhyme
Three years alone
he became a memory
Four years alone
she could finally be.

It doesn't take an Einstein to see
he's coming for you.

They gave him his papers
as he departed
a few bits of change
and his parolee card
he'd kept in touch with a cousin he knew
who kept tabs on where she was
which in a town that small
wasn't hard to do.

A cottage at the end of a cul de sac
white picket fences
a pool in the back.
He poured gasoline all around
and hastily lit a match
then sat on the tire swing
watching it catch.

Hmm... I'm just not feeling this. I'll have to come back for a rewrite and an ending. I just hate to see psycho lovers win. I mean... you know he's going to jail again but so what? The damage is done.

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