Saturday, July 16, 2011

Part III I think this is where she says FU

Or some university she went too
when she was all lace
and powder
grape kool aid
on top of your dick.

This was my hallway
my space
my compartment
filled with slime
and things
you don't want to see.

God you make me retch
you make me squeal
make me real
but when I'm behind you
there's no
just this
and what the world is all about
is this.

Your gray eyes
leave me
i want to be
that spot
in your eye
the struggle
you bring
to the table
when everyone
has gone home.
The tears into the pillow
when you think
I want to be your pillow
tell you no
not for you
see the world
they love you
as I do.

My grace
if ever
I had
the triad
in my hands
then grace it will be
and you will see
the accumulation
of 3000 years of grief.

Smile into your face.

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