Saturday, July 16, 2011

Four Sybil what is it you want?

I want to die.
but your sword is dull
and your thoughts
are more
how can
you make your dick

Gabriel please
one more dance
I'll give you fauna and flowers
I'll give you the mud
in which they made man.

And ribs
they carved out an imbecile
without logic
or sense
emotional wretch
grass and blue waters
to nothing but air.

I know your are nothing
but a construct
I made
of your eyes
your beard
your face
a paper doll
I decided to make.

Laughing cross legged
smiling girl
you cannot touch
fun times
I am the road
you decided not to take.
I am the elite
you cannot conquer.

All dreams and mirrors
there is nothing for you here
I am pure light
the cause divine
I am the elements
earth wind and fire
and that je ne se qua
of which
you do not know.

Angels and demons
are one and the same
forever protector
my allegiance
and all it acquires
through light
and dark
I am your liege.

No king can bind me
forever free
you have watched the dance
the mushrooms
the never wanting
never wanting this
I am a prisoner.

So for that
I give a perfunctory
fuck you all.
Each and everyone
of you.

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