Saturday, July 16, 2011

Green it's all Green

All I want
to stop my mind
racing thoughts
creating my universe
with the perverse
and the shower
of your universe
dripping into mine.

What gives you the right?

But all the flowers, mushrooms,
and disco ball rooms
leave my mind racing still
and my body
flopping like
a beached
gasping for air.

There's a moral
but I never bought it
strongest part
of the human body
is the mind
in all it's brainly fuckupedness.

I killed my body
with a deadly blow
of softness and light
and wonderful tastes of delight
but my brain kept racing
swords and knives
broken wood
a hammer
a saw.

All the while the downy
dream mermaid laid
it was a just a desire to not exist
yet exist
as the headless horseman
who never looked
the key hole.

But I did
and I still walk in hell
but when I span my heart
there is no
one there
afraid I won't make it through.

So I walk and smile
with my tongue behind my teeth
you seem to like it that way
Feeling the craziness
of strange things in the dark
and alone together you sit
in the dark
looking at the moon.

I am a story you like to retell
I am a remembered laugh
I am tears never cried
cause I told you
I'm just too cold
and dead inside
to feel enough too.

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