Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hooooo Is that an OWL?

still in comic sans bold bite me)

Gunslinger the world moved on (stephen king)
sitting at a playground
metal giraffes
rusted merry go rounds
and higher

You are the cloud on the horizon
soft fluffy
surround me
with nothing softer
than your kiss.

The sky parted that day
there was a double triangle of rainbow light
i wasn't the only
one to see
one round circle
of prismatic array of every color
in its truest form.

As long as you think of me
I am in you
as you are in me,

I only needed
shelter from the storm (bob dylan)
you knew
broken in two
attracts the nurse
to say
how can i fix
what ails you?
I can make  you fly high
fix you broken you
but really you found
the answer to the key
to the riddle
and played it fun times
sweep in
sweep in
but dude
messin with an angel
and I know you.

Step out on the edge of a cliff
specter of mountains specter of snow capped mountains
can you fly?
can I give you wings?
the fog lays low in the valley
as the sun creeps
slowly to dissipate
the vagueness of the dark.

Little white light spurts from the third eye
funny things chi Si Said
there is a pipeline
coming out of my third eye
in and out
like fire and gasoline
to a drought ridden forest.

the sun
the light
you don't buy it
walk on
I see your steps
I feel your breath
I beat with your heart
and taste
the bittersweet juice of your tongue
and wait for night
when we can be alone.

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