Saturday, July 16, 2011

Are you calling me Pearl?

Beautiful girl
blue eyes
white teeth
smooth jutting bone
pulsing jugular
by tan skin
White tank top
lace picture frame
of mounds of venus
How many planets from the sun
just composed of gases
maybe not a planet at all.

They've found 11 habitable planets
now how cool is that?
Put me on the next space ship
and breeders.
I guess I won't be going.
God Damn it.

Empty planet fresh
a slate as clean
as beating erasers outside the school yard
coming back into the school
the teacher had rubbed
the blackboard clean
no more words no more
do that quadratic equation.
Unless you want to be
an engineer on a naked planet.

Do you want to be?

A complete planet without human contact.
Trees, streams, earth, air.
Who decides?
What is Utopia?
To the moslem it is a moslem state
to the Jew a Jewish state
to the Americans a christian state.
Who decides Utopia on inhabitable planets?
Money decides Utopia.
Who can build the ship?
Who can supply the scientists?
Who can pay pay pay pay pay?
Who makes an Island paradise in the middle of the desert?
Who can barely cover their own when Katrina reared its ugly head?

hmm... this poem depresses me. We are feeding another country's entry into Utopia. We got to go corn ... cars can run on corn. Let the oil go. Lets rebuild our economy and learn from Brazil.. they go on sugar cane... lets go on corn.  The world's wealth is unbalanced therefore power is unbalanced. We must make it right.

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