Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gumbo Man

Where's the gumbo man gonna take me now?
When will the owl crawl?
It wasn't time
it was much to soon
oh my God it's not an owl.

Just a little
can drive you insane
just a taste
bye bye brain

sleep child sleep.
Tomorrow is another day.

Say you never asked for this.
but nothing ever changes.
Hold on to the crossing limb
but the river washes you down.

There is salvation in the trees
rising energy
from the ground
there is an anvil
in the sky

Still I spread my wings
still I abide

Sorry I imploded you
all the energy
I supplied
everything smoke and mirrors
um...sorry I lied.

I can feel the thunder
but the rain is gone
more to say
just empty inside.

I want to build a castle
under the ground
i want to invite all my friend
the ones that slippery slide
free to travel in
free to travel out
free to eat my flesh
and a make a home in my mouth.

I gotta say I'm sorry
for the way I made you twirl
I just get so damn bored
and you're such a sweet little girl.

And I want to say I'm sorry
for all the things I said
I didn't mean one of them
entirely mislead.

Feeling your energy
rise and fall
tells me which way to turn
and when to make the call.

A conduit you could say
but just in the wrong hands
when cold meets steel
and word meets brain
A game all in all.

This one wants vagueness
another spell it out
one just falls to pieces
all I can be without.

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