Saturday, July 16, 2011

And with the thumbs up

I've been fucked royally thank you
very much
With your capers and your tea
your insistence to disagree.
Drive a ship into the harbor
say hello to me.

I can feel the board
I can feet the heat
I can feel the nails
driving into thee.

Satisfying I would say.
Thank you I agree.

I found your secret under the sea
your canopy beneath the trees
and I sucked everything that was good to you
till there was nothing
and you were so empty.
Leaving me to smile.
Appreciate the contribution.

Flesh for flesh.
heart for heart
I'm sorry
I feel regret
for a moment
then gone
then all there is laughter
and mirth.
Flesh and blood beneath the earth.
You really made me smile.
I guess that's all that really matters
Are those moments.

Freeze time.
Sweet monkey mine.
Wrap your hands around my neck
love me
show the world
my lie
show the world
my worth
that I should kneel before you
and offer my heart in perfection.

Maybe I'm mud
I wallow in it
I feel the earth against my face
rub slime green water
against my breasts.
Feel the trees fuck me hard.
Till I want to scream..
"how could you abandon me?"

My wings feel heavy
they lower me
and my face shows lines
where before beauty stood
in pieces of glass on the ground.
Murder feels my heart
and the taste of blood is in my mouth.
I just want to destroy not rebuild.
There is no temple here
only hate
a spider in a web.
Who no longer possesses
Filled with hate.

There is nirvana next door
they pray for me constantly
mantras of solace
for the damned.
But still damned.
Your light far from me
mushrooms grow
and you know.

For my love I wrote a thousand words
only to find
he was illiterate
and hadn't read
a word.

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