Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blackened Teeth

You came to me in a dream
all you wanted was my mirror
but I couldn't decide to what direction
you should have.
Do you want the East me?
Calming winds, desert sands
The West me
falling, sliding, swallowed by the sea.
The South me?
Heat so hot could melt rubber.
Or the North me?
Where my attention falls
upon white capped mountains
green pine valleys
where the frozen waterfalls
dream of spring
but lie still as stone.

There is chaos down the road
it passes and rants
of what it wants it does not know
it screams in earnest
to possess what
it does not know.

Out the back screen door
it slithered
gun in hand
out the back screen door
in triumph
still warm in his hand.

All to be known.
Want to be known.
I am.

Guess that's what all the screaming is about
only felt alive
showing powerless power.
I am.

Can I have a piece of you?
Just a small one.
Can I be you?
For a moment.

Feel the grass under my feet
the cold chill of the night air
all darkness cloaks
you don't know that I am there.


I do.

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