Saturday, July 16, 2011

But Where is the Needle?

If I screamed
you'd come running
if I bled out rose petals
mixed with strawberry gel
sweet strawberry shortcake
and thinking
life was a fire
alone in the backyard.
But baby everything's alright.

I guess nothing good or bad
but the thinking makes it so
I saw your death mask on discovery
we still got your nose hairs
aint that cool?

We needed death dicks.

William Shakespeare's dick
sold at Sothebys for 2.5 million
till he refused to sell
the junk of the original funk
is priceless.

But I don't want to call on you
I do want to feel china
in a vortex
right down to my toes.
drag me under
and tell me
we have small penises
but we got your ass.

Not to change the tune
but what did he have
which made him so free
to be himself?
Bat country
suit cases
full of armor and paint.
I want a piece of it whatever it was.
all I got is walking
first west
now south
till my body gives out
and I still haven't figured it out.

And now you say I'm killing you
and who I am not to care?
I don't know who I am
but really I don't care.

I want the words never spoken
I want to look at someone
and trust when I ask
the highest form of the truth
will come out.

But I sit in dangles of people
who angels
and devils
lost interest in
to their own devices
truth becomes
whatever gets them
what they want.

Sorry now the truth flows out
in a tiny dot
of expansion
into fractals
mathematical equations
triads and madness.

I know I'm mad.

Just like you are
and we all walk in hell
smiling with a poker face
whatever makes the sun rise
whatever makes the sleep come.

Darling just darling
with your feather boa smile
telling yourself
the person you left behind
looks out of a new face
and forgets the time.

We are late
for a very important date
but fuck all that.
Yep fuck all that.

Wait next poem I gotta tell you
this story....

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