Saturday, July 16, 2011

And then what happened?

The tv screeen is blue
my robot gone
the shades pulled lower
still drinking beer
the dog barks
because the neighbors thoughts are asking
him a question,
"Should I kill the neighbor?"
At least my neighbor has some sense
and tells the dog to
"Shut the fuck up"
all quiet now except for the pulse of the music
the beat extraordinaire.

In this netherworld where 
my time is my own
who do I land on?
Is it you?
Do I study you till I know every part?
Every secret you've tried to keep?
Do i feel your body on mine
in some kind of cosmic dance
lift you up
when you been sinkin
so low?
You. Shake my head. You.


It's Mr. I got it all but my dick is mine
you missed your calling you should have been a saint
but you loved her and lost her
and she was diamonds dude
and you know it.
No replacing the madonna
you don't even love yourself
you know
your dad
you see
that's you bitch.

And before you go there you
will never find another diamond
that made your world complete.
so I know  you.
You know you.
Is that what you're gonna be?
Have you gotten the joke?
Step one second out of your celibacy
bull shit
and we'll see your heart
laid bare
and it's not as pretty
as your face your hair
it's cold

But you sing a good song
and you scream out your pain
and you know how 


can save you
how music can be your salvation.
So there is hope for you.

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