Saturday, July 16, 2011

But I can't be

Buttoned down collars
and fashionable hats
tank tops
t shirts
jeans which fit just right
I see a gift
something precious

tainted ridges of purple
tainted valleys of white
"I said I'd make it back before it faded"
but I lied.
Like you said you never could.

I am a stalk of corn
in October
a maze you walk through
when restless fall nights
find you with nothing to do

Cut down displayed
in suburban front yards
with freshly coiffed geese
who herald  "we welcome you"
as the old woman downs another xanax
and the man falls asleep in his chair
and the children wonder at the strange
noises coming through the wall.

Come November my dried out ass
gets kicked to the curb
one way ride to the mound.
When they dig up our dumps in 5050
what will they think?
Hmmm we have found a strange kingdom of
diapers and phone books.
Shit and numbers.

I miss you
but my madness
keeps me away
I'm trying to kill every thought
every smell
every link
everything but the way I feel
like a dry stalk of corn
in the year 5050.

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