Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Snake

The snake says news from the south
is bleak
there's boots and mud
soldiers march
to a stone beat
of concrete resolution
of the plan.

But I said I didn't believe him
and bought 8 apples
they were a little wormy
but I took em anyway
they were half price.

The snake says you better
bunker down your hatches
the hatred
has infiltrated
the heart of America
is breathing hatred
with dollar bills
and do you want a coke with that?


Hamster wheels are turning
breathing the blue pill
sucking on fire
and smoke
and dreams
they can't reconcile

Gangsters are we united
in a common role
when the time
when the time comes
will you stand and fight?
Who is bad?
Who is good?
Who is right?
What is the common good?

When the beer runs low
and they come for you
and there's no cigarettes to smoke
no heroin to do
no lines to run
to easy way to roll.
Will you go?

The snake says
lines are drawn
this time in mud
which never knew
a grain of sand.
The hornet's buzzing
what a beautiful sound
we'll stand our ground
most of us are dead already.

Fatalistic views
from a fatalistic muse
stop tugging on my brain
I predict rain
and running
of demons in the night
and the terrible dream of you.

It's time to go home
look the street signs point the way
if that's what you feel
you have to do
what you do
how you do
I don't know
I'm just a snake.
Damn meme
making a mockery
of snakiness.

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