Saturday, July 16, 2011


The last words
just don't die
again fuck
an expansion of nothing
there is a cover
a cave
a rock
where I hide.

Into the dark woods I went
the mountain still doesn't care
I play out
all I know
screaming in the dark
in silence
my face contorted
walking across the bridge
bring me to tomorrow
nothing new.

He understood finally
he was walking through hell
no redemption
for the fallen
just wanting
and we all know how it feels.

The time is too late
sweet breezes
you can never be a part of.

Turning his head into the pillow
my terror in the night
my screams in his dreams
I'm sorry
I can't stop.

And I build you towers
scarlet blood
and sickness
the sweet smell of
earth when you're planting a seed.

Everything falls on deaf ears
he doesn't care to find
the way in
so as always
dust and sand fill my mouth
axphxiatied on my own phlegm.
If only.l

can you take my pictures
of manicured lawns
porch lights on
fires burning
and turn them into
a stop on the road through hell?

I guess not.
absinthe and smoke
wishes dishes and fishes
How I wish
for nitroux oxide dreams
and an end.

Infinity dances
circles in the moonlight
I see them all.
Just jump dive and shuffle
keep on hustling
the answers will come.

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