Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Orchid

What waste can lie
where beauty's been?
It spreads ; multiplies
all it touches.

I looked into your eyes
and with a breath
blew away your gray caste
till all there was
was blue skies.

Nestled in the arms
of love
moments spent
present now
in thoughts of the past
I fly.

The green leaves
white flowers
hint of pink
cause for nothing
but to be.
Smiles only.

Fill my barren wasteland
of burnt trees
and dry red rocks
with the spreading color
of the sun
the cool spray of running water
perfumed sweet air.

I am
graves in the moonlight
I am
whispers in the dark
I am
broken and bleeding
a stone woman;
a frozen heart.

But against your brazen beauty
who am I to rot alone?
You spread your love into me
you've given me a home.

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