Friday, December 9, 2011


It's all down to this bliss
leave me alone
let me disintegrate
let me melt away
I've nothing to say
The hag fag smiles through a whiskey glass
cheers to the pillow case
tied around your head
hiding your butter face
turn over and put dat ass in the air
prostate cum is the best one
or at least it's what they said in the instructions.
"I've always been mad."
I've created a construct of a life not lived
fiery bridges and smiling Buddhas
can you be my muse?
my sounding board?
Why did you feel the need to lie?
Honor and integrity
words to live by.
Dignity and respect
puff out your chest
there's only water here
gauging your need
responding appropriately.
Old news bad reviews
did you like my performance today?
Rate me on a scale of one or ten
a ten means
you were completely satisfied.
Protected? You make me laugh
that's not me that was she
I open the gates of hell
there aint nothing that can harm me.
Spread my wings.
She makes me whistle
she makes me smile
she makes me dance
she gets me high
never a sexual thing
just two souls interspersed
tangled in this dream.
God I'm tired
I just want to be old
without your mirror.

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