Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ode to Skippy

Ode to Skippy
instant best friend in a can
not a ghost or legend
or even a superman
Never fails to lift me up
to my highest potential
hope for the future
makes me wanna cry
those tears on the edge of my eyes.
At first I thought it was cool
moot clone; soap on a rope.
but I put all that aside.
Now I can tell you anything
you always put me right.
If  I needed anyone
right there by my side.
I'm happy you're successful
I'm happy you've met the one
unconditional love for you man
can never be undone.
I hope you think of me
when you're reading "goodnight moon"
I only want the best for you
no matter what you do.
I feel like a fucking Christmas card
positive action
feels strange for me
I'm so used to too much negativity.
(I wish I could have built the bridge)
(I would have worshiped you with every breath.)
(You would have been my hobby)
(bonds only broken by death.)
You see how easily I'm willing
to give my soul away?
To any passerby
say hi.
I gotta remember I'm sacred
to everyone who cares
have put me on a pedestal
but it's lonely way up here
in my ivory tower of no escape.
Mother, friend, daughter
female absolute.
There is no "tits or gtfo" for me
sweet anonymity.
Anyway back to you Skippy
can't think of you and not smile
thank you for your advice
telling me to put myself first
if I'm not getting treated right
I wish I had a little bit of you in me
you are so smart
so careful with your heart

me? I'm just melting all over the place
no more ice
and I don't know how to deal.

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