Monday, December 12, 2011

Free at last

Alone again inside my head
no snakes, no demons, no fear
no dread
Good thing I made the choice to run
it's not love
 it's the low down dirty
just gettin some.
It was fun.
Take the ports
heed the call
it don't come in
bam it falls.
Armageddon happened today
with a whisper
not a scream
climate shifted
perpetrate the dream.
God I'm happy and I feel so clean
but I haven't learned
from one mother fucking mistake
it seems.
It's not love
this burning hate
you just started the flood
opened the gate.
Mother fucking fate.
Which leaves me free
as work made me
souls crying out for liberation
subjugation for yesterday's sins
chain my body
in this skin
burn me down
just rise again.
"When's gonna be my time lawd?"
bring on the end.

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