Friday, December 2, 2011


Yeah, so, I see brown instead of gold
path of thorns full of pot holes
seeds are sown.
How many times do I have to apologize?
Lock the gates and bar the door
shut out the sunshine
stamp down the whore.
Where did you leave the plan?
The blueprint
the code the ode the fucking one.
The reason the season karma dharma
and what the fuck?
Stand in front of my eyes wise one
with your head of fire
the way the energy flows
from me to you to the world
and back again.
4 ways to stay
4 ways to pray
4 ways to die a million times
and have enough light left
to light them all
with a spot a drop
of living water and fire.
Blessed are the ones who
Jew Arab White Black Anonymous base.
Aliens in the outfield.
Screaming with their happiness
please don't crucify the messenger
though I'll climb that high
and ride that high till I'm dry.
I'm sorry you want want want want want want want want want want want want want want want
you want
How can you make a woman?
A rib a bib a pearl necklace
full of grace and divinity.
Rearrange her insides to suit you
and make her cry with the bliss resides
in her hides
the secret to be.
I'm sorry the watch is broken
I have no place to stay
I think someone hid the grid
master axer  chase her
they're coming for my vision
of man and waste
intestines drop
I can't walk
and you're still texting my number.
Hive mind rewind we've been here before Sam
loop de mother fucking loop.
Bring me a drink and I'll dance till I drop
to your majesty the king of my dream
and his suicide queen.
And I'll kneel and pray before the ocean of his dreams
and all those safe places to be
(don't hurt me)
Waves are washing and I'm back there now
standing beside listening to your call
on the waves the wind
I heard and responded.
What do you seek?
A moonlight dance with cats in a creek
moaning light into the dark
fucking the earth till I can't stand
the energy within
without my eye third wheel turning
the only way is up and out
or in and out
staring God in the face
in all his pieces and sparks
I'm sorry I wasn't a stat. A way to make it all better
in that gray place you want to stick my brain treadmill
hamsters suffocating on hot chocolate and free tea.
Take my skin, my blood, my bone
just leave my soul alone.
Did I mention I love beer?
She's screaming at me again
manipulate traits to sedate and maybe make a smile
can you?
Drink my bile in the cold icy dawn
bare feet bleed hepatitis c
and golden showers of shame
a white sheeted martyr wants the guillotine.
Make all my dreams come true
I know you can do it
In the early morning dark
in the I gotta fly
leaving you alone with a burning urge to meld
alpha crush dance
(they're coming with their torches and pitchforks)
(kill the monster)
My hearts still beating
bring on the dirt.

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