Saturday, December 10, 2011

Meanwhile on the other side of the coin...

You really think it's for the best?
No more splitting seams
No more ripped dreams
Feeling like I gotta rhyme
old times
I been there and back again.
How do you make a person?
Maybe a better question is why.
I'm so lost.
latched onto your way
till the path was opened finally
and I saw every turn and twist
get the fuck out of there quick.
Safe in my shell
a slow dwindling hell
The bat in your hand
a girl in glass
sleeping not so peacefully
Guess I should have talked
much easier to walk
and sort it all out in my head
write it down
cause it's what I do
Buildings bombed
walking in the apocalypse
could it be 7 or 12?
I bought a calendar the other day
and when the day was gone
I threw it away.
Would they have done it differently
in 1050 AD?
Don't think so
No miracles here
no days of doom
just an old lady 
hiding in her room.
Fucking with spring
waiting for summer
sleeping till noon.
I guess I fucked it up again
so self centered
it's all about me
and that shit gets old
wrapped in a blanket bitter and cold.
Buck up little trooper
when the door closes a window opens
the bars on my cell
now or later?
it would have been the same
the moneys gone
the road is long
i wanna run again
somewhere I've never been
live in the streets
by my wits
No more internet
No more tv
maybe I never had anything to say

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