Thursday, December 29, 2011


Phlegm and vomit
morning sun
through the windshield
the sick feeling of overload
pressures of conformity
I am
a thousand decisions
with no resolution
a crack in the pavement
a blown tire
the happy road skips and smiles
laughing girls with translucent eyes
everything's going to be alright
just climb inside
having all the answers
I know I'm right
stay with me things are fine.
My host
by your side
turns the tide
learn to see with your eyes
forget I was ever alive.
tunnels with no end
wearing the clothes of confusion
leather bonds on my wrists
4 horses of the apocalypse
chained to a dream
rip me apart as they ride.
Stars and visions
poisonous water
peels the fur from the animals
smiling in my sleep atop a grave stone
marked for me.
finally free.
Didn't mind at all.

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