Friday, December 2, 2011


Hey grandma can i stick it in your ass?
We'll make it all nice and lubed
unlike the guy with the glass
I wanna make sure
you remember me
the blood, the guts, the cream
Sugar in your coffee honey
life is but a dream.
Smoke another cigarette
fill another bong
wipe this shit right out of my head
the feelings now all wrong.
Paint a portrait of a love gone wrong
bits and pieces
knives and masks
handcuffs and master keys
my locks ancient
louis make a key
desert sands and dreams
candy, chocolate, and vaseline
make it all come true
with your eyes that cut me
every time you pretend
and you don't think I can see.
Curl up with your warmth
your beauty fills my eyes
with every thing I ever wanted
coming slowly
gently, with a hat and a cane
the soft way you say my name
when we're alone in your room
the world falls away.
Then I wake up
mirrors are a gateway
to triads dancing
this thing I gotta do
your hot sweet whispers
this tube of lube
grandma can i fuck you in the ass
leave my marks all over you?

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