Monday, December 12, 2011


He said, there isn't enough time to finish
put my back against the wall
and sighed
she said, I own you now I'll watch you crumble
Today I am alive.
Standing on a mountain close my eyes
the fires once burning
now subside
those eyes burning through me
with their want to be
have walked on
I am alive.
All the connecting factors
the womb
the web
intricate patterns in star light
burn blue white now not red.
The demons have walked on must have
a better place to be
than here with me.
Mother fucking free.
Limbs, branches, cliffs, barricades
people on each
their backs are to me
long hair flowing
chains and smiles.
Something good has broken
and I want to stay here forever
in this feeling of bliss.
Head clear hands clean.
Nothing to be sorry for
no closed doors
no repercussions
for the wrong word said
immaculate understanding
of self.
Here at this time.

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