Thursday, December 29, 2011

da da da day

What do you come to say?
In ivory towers above the universe
talking to myself
beating sticks against
telephone poles
walking down the street
homeless fapping on the sidewalk
Koreans beat drums
with serious faces
raising the demon
or chasing him away?
The Chinese smile
beautiful painted faces
silken kimonos
dance on the belly of Buddha
nothing serious here.
The crone
twisted in white sheets
old man with long nails and no heart
white hair to the floor
the crabs
who grab
when you try to get it up
dragging you down
"don't you wanna be like me?"
don't you wanna run with me?
fuck it in a bucket
the pit's ripe
with the smell of sex,
blood, and sweat
and money honey
we'll fuck you with a 20 dollar bill
smile at me
while i take your soul
the toll
soul sucker revolt
can I get a signal?
the rot
when the sweet candy
in your mouth
turns to dirt.
Roll your obesity
to the front door
peek out
laughing cars and eyes
The British
rotting teeth
you to open your eyes.
Broadband new land
the final frontier
Third world
big hearts love
left bitter and jaded
when the machine
drinks them
wiping the excess
from it's chin
leaving them with the shit
which was their dreams.
Pulls up it's tentacles
to devour again.

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