Saturday, December 10, 2011

Burn Witch Burn

Finally got a reason to feel
and it's all tooo much
far too fucking real
for a wretched heart
slumbering in a cave
too much pride
muse me up
words will flow
hang me up
burn me down
twist me round
you're not a safe place to hide
but passion
exploding shards of light
exquisite pain
a burning flame
sex me up again
god damn.
burn me down.
I present you my mirror
a fiery flame
a screaming banshee
a demon with no name
out of control
kill the white horse
as I walk into the abyss alone
shattered into a million pieces
I've done it all wrong.
Mary in your dress of white
Slamming the door on the outside world
prison sex is the best sex
and I should know
work on your new time
look for your salvation
all you'll find here is rot and death
no victory dance
no 2nd chance
no flowers at the altar of love
Just retch and vomit
when you dive too deep
crawling on the belly of the snake.

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