Thursday, December 8, 2011


Mazes running
everywhere a dead end
lies and deceit
The coffee cups empty
summer time gone
the music plays on.
the need to apologize
is getting old
brazen hand on the sword
I have built you a man
now go and plunder with my light
I have built you a cause
to believe in with all your might
It's no accident
the way you stand so straight
illuminate your world
with the glitter of my sight.
Time is ticking quickly
drown inside my diamond eyes
time to light the fire
feel the embers burn
tie me up to your stake
witches witches burn.
How so quickly I can change it all
with one turn of my thoughts
perspective, rejected
i will always be alone.
He wants her
to want him
to want her
to want them
to be
Charlie's got a gun
run girl run.

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