Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh fuck

Oh fuck I think I'm in love
kill me quick
i know better than this.
How to remember how to be
me without you
shouldn't be a hard thing to do.
Struggle with the laughing girl
with the shiny eyes
destroy her quick
with your massive dick
and the chemical signature
you left behind.
makes me blind
wonder why
come up with nothing to say
it's all me
it's all me
it is all me.
fairy tales
conditioned to believe
anyone can save me.
Not happening.
Keep your god damn slipper
girls encased in glass
sleeping till finally
all hope has passed.
Smash the ponies Skippy
there's nothing to see here
all your dreams are needs
which can never be fulfilled
I'll work to make you mine
i'll build some castles in the air
i'll do that nine to five
walk the straight and narrow
just to know you care
and when I'm completely frozen
from all that needing to do
I'll look into your face
and know it was never you.
Just some chemical reaction
some great sex
some spit and polish
some cum in my face
the moment you gave me
where everything falls away.

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