Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Make a steak take a break
I'll  split you up the middle
wear you as a coat
that's all she wrote
Why do I only get peace for one day?
The jackals are jacking
the hyenas are high
the wolf once again
howls at the sky.
Natives gather round the fire
hunger in their eyes
Two lines across their cheeks
grimacing smiles
feet getting a little toasty
time to fry.
She screamed and she begged
at the foot of the pyre
I told her I didn't know why she cried
it was all a lie
all my communications
cut off by a beacon in the sky
layering me encapsulating me
tainted desire.
There were five in all
a circle of truth
masked by metaphor
time to move
and you were there
and you and you and you
and the child alone with the dirty face
invisible to everyone
a soul misplaced
blood and knives
a sawing effect
drills and chills
What did you expect?
From cannibals in the night
eating flesh.

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